Young Son

In the Dark of the City Streets...the Shadows have their Longest Reach.
Young Son is our first game and our first time partnering with GameChurch. It is a 2D side-scrolling platforming game designed for mobile devices where players will take to the night to explore a futuristic city that runs on a fuel source known as I.N.K. Players will harness the power of I.N.K to overcome challenging obstacles that test their timing and guile while trying to avoid capture from a looming and persistent enemy. The game draws inspiration from classic platforming games while adapting the controls to modern day touch gestures - it can be played entirely with a single finger. Enjoy 24 levels journeying through a comic book inspired world and unravel the mysteries that are lurking in the dark of the city.


  • GameChurch Podcast Episode 66: Young Son
  • Young Son Developer Update One
  • Coming in 2017 to iOS and Android

    PAX East 2016 Reveal Poster

    The Academy 2016 Official Concept Art Sheet


    *Please Note that all Gameplay Screenshots are of a Work in Progress and are Subject to Change